On Time Cleaning
Pricing and Insurance
On Time Cleaning is fully insured with a general business liabilty policy furnished by Allied Insurance, and an additional property damage rider to further protect your carpets and upholstery. But you need not worry. Our agent has been selling insurance to Von Schrader associates for 30 years. He assures me that in 30 years he cannot recall a single claim against a Von Schrader associate. That's how safe the Von Schrader system is for all fabrics, and that's another reason why it's the right choice for cleaning your home or business. 
Pricing and Discounts 
These are 'typical' prices. Your situation may be different. We are always happy to visit your location to provide a no charge written estimate. There is no fee for phone estimates but certain minimum fee's apply for on site cleaning activities. Please ask about the minimum cleaning fee when you call to book your appointment for cleaning. 
Carpet Cleaning 
Residential, typically $.28 to $.40 per square foot. ($.40 per square foot for restorative cleaning of heavily soiled carpets which have not been cleaned for extended periods). Price includes pre-vacuuming, appropriate pre-sprays for traffic areas, general purpose spot remover, thorough cleaning of all open areas. We will move 'light' furniture such as tables, chairs, loveseats, etc. and clean around heavy pieces which remain in the room. Square footage is based upon room size because it takes more time to clean 'around' multiple items than it does to clean a large open area. 
Commercial, typically about the same as residential pricing for areas under 10,000 sq. feet, discounted as much as 50% for much larger 'open'  areas (ie, banquet rooms). As with residential cleaning, our price includes a thorough pre-vacuuming, the application of appropriate pre-sprays and general purpose spotters, and a thorough professional cleaning. Many commercial accounts request a service contract that includes an initial restorative cleaning, followed by periodic traffic lane maintenance throughout the year. We will work with you to creat a maintenance plan that meets your needs and your budget. Call for a customized quote - (570) 296-4750. 
Additional Fees for residential/commercial 
Carpeted stairs and landing are an additional fee. For most normal stairways (8-12 stairs with 1 landing) we will 'flat rate' the price at $50. Oversized (extra wide or >15 steps) stairs, or stairs with carpeted baseboard (wall) are typically priced between $4.00 to $6.00 per stair.Pricing for oriental/area rugs varies from $2.00 to $12.00 per square foot. We also sell optional deodorizers, antibacterial agents which eliminate the source of pet odors, teflon carpet protectors, and mold/mildew agents. These are for an additional fee and must be applied immediately after a professional cleaning to be effective. We also offer specialized spot removal treatments, to address spots which cannot be removed by routine professional cleaning. Please request a personalized price quote. 
Discounts and Rebates 
Residential customers who pre-vacuum receive a 5% discount. Residential customers who pre-move all bulky furniture out of a room - before our arrival - receive an additional 5% discount. We also offer discounts to residential and commercial accounts via multiple cleanings (service contacts), combining residential and comercial accounts, coupons, and winter price specials. We often run special residential pricing from Jan. 1 to Feb. 28. Winter is a great time to clean, and this pricing is substantially less than the price in effect as of March 1. Discount certificates are available through our 'refer a friend' program (see the FAQ page). 
Furniture/Upholstery Cleaning 
Again, prices are typical, based upon synthetic materials (90% of all upholstery). Prices may be slightly higher for natural fibers, blended fabrics,  finished leathers, Haitan cotton, or other specialty fabrics. We test for color fastness. If we feel your furniture cannot safely be cleaned, we'll tell you up front and let you make the decision. (sometimes people are getting rid of the furniture soon and will choose to clean anyway). 
Sectional Sofa (typically wraparound with/without recliners)             $150 (list) 
Oversized Sofa (up to 9 feet with)                                                          $90 (list) 
Standard Sofa  (up to 7 feet wide with 4-6 cushions total)                  $80 (list)
Love Seat (typically 4-6 cushions total)                                                 $70 (list)
Additional Pillows/Throw Pillows/etc.                                                    $  8  per additional pillow 
Large Upholstered Chaise Style Chair with 1-3 cushions                   $60 (list)
Large Upholstered Armchair/Queen Anne (fabric sides & back)       $50 (list) 
Standard Dining Chair/Waiting Room Chair (fabric seat & back)      $10 (list) 
Office Chairs : Conference Room, Secretary, Managers Chair          $10 (list)
Office Dividers (fabric panels, typically 4 feet by 6 feet tall)                 $15 per panel (list) 
Autos, seats/door panels/carpet areas of passenger compartment   $ 99 (list)
RV's, Campers, Boat's                                                                             $ 200 and up, call for quote 
Stuffed Animals                                                                                         $ 5 to $25 each (dep. on size) 
* Fee is for natural fiber or synthetic fabrics. For leathers, fees are approximately doubled (includes specialty leather cleaner & conditioner). 
Additional Fees for residential/commercial furniture &  upholstery 
Fabric protector is available for all fabrics and upholstery for an additional fee. RV's, campers, boats cleaned "on location" may incur additional fees. 
Excess Spotting. During carpet and upholstery cleaning we will pre-treat existing spots and stains with general purpose spotter and clean normally. Most surface spots will be removed by pre-treatment and general cleaning. Those which remain are typically fall into one of two categories: permanent stains (not removeable) or restorative repairs. Removing tar, gum, silly putty,  oil, nail polish, paint or similar substances falls outside the category of normal cleaning (soil removal) process. We will be happy to work any spot for an extended period on an hourly basis, provided the homeowner is agreeable to payment for the additional labor. 
Specialized Pet Odor Treatments are available. These typically include the application of specially formulated enzyme based treatments which help eliminate the bacteria which cause the odor. Because each situation is different, and may involve many treatable spots, prices may vary. We will be glad to provide an pre-inspection and /or written estimate for your review. 
Discounts and Rebates 
Discounts and rebates for furniture/upholstery cleaning may vary. Customers who clean furniture and carpet on the same visit may receive a discount off list prices for furniture cleaning. Winter specials (coupons) are also available. The MAXIMUM discount or combined discount on furniture/upholstery cleaning is 20%