On Time Cleaning
How We Clean Upholstery
We use the Von Schrader Low Moisture Espirit System exclusively 
We use Von Schrader pre-sprays, spotters, and detergents which are specially formulated with anti-resoil properties. 
We use factory approved methods and factory trained technicians. 
Our thorough 7 Step Process includes: 
Pre-Vacuum Upholstered Surfaces 
Pre-Treatment with citrus based per-spray of all Seat Cushions/Arms/Neck Rests/Kick Plates 
Application of General Purpose Spot Remover (as required) 
Thorough Agitation of Specially Formulated Detergents using Gentle Brushes 
Soil Emulsification Using the Von Schrader Low PH Cleanser 
Soil Extraction Using the Von Schrader Espirit Upholstery System 
Nap Grooming as appropriate 
Here's how the Espirit Low Moisture System Works. 
  • A) The detergent tank holds approx. 2 gallons of specially formulated anti-resoiling detergent, safe for all fabrics. Specialty detergents are available for Haitan Cotton, Finished Leathers, and other applications. 
  • B) A powerful motor provides air for foam genration and suction for vacuum.  
  • C) The air from the motor is mixed with detergent to create a gently low moisture foam cleaner. 
  • D) Dirt-dissolving foam rushes to -  
  • E) brush head. The brush head contains dual cylindrical brushes, rotating in opposing directions, so that no tears or pulls will happen to the fabric. The foam is gently brushed into the upholstery. 
  • F) Nozzle of powerful vacuum removes dirt-laden foam from fabric  
  • G) Foam with dirt held in suspension arrives in dirt receptacle tank after passing through -  
  • H) the filter.  
  • The cleaning cycle is completed. Upholstery dries in several hours, and stays clean longer due to the anti-resoil properties of the specially formulated VS detergents.