On Time Cleaning
How We Clean Carpet
We use the Von Schrader Low Moisture Soil Extraction System. 
We use Von Schrader pre-sprays, spotters, and encapsulation detergents which are specially formulated with anti-resoil properties. 
We use factory approved methods and factory trained technicians. 
We use a seven step proven process that includes: 
Pre-Vacuum Carpet 
Pre-Treatment of all Heavily Soiled Areas 
Application of General Purpose Spotter (as needed) 
Thorough Agitation of Specially Formulated Detergents 
Soil Emulsification 
Soil Extraction 
Here's how the LMX Low Moisture System Works 
  • A) The VS LMX generates a low moisture foam within the machine. The foam is deposited evenly on the carpet just ahead of the brush. 
  • B) A cylindrical brush with over 150,000 soft pliable nylon bristles brushes the foam to the base of the carpet fiber, lifting the pile, and assuring a thorough deep-down penetration. 
  • C) The brush is adjustable to reach the base of any pile depth to loosen and lift soil into suspention for instant removal.  
  • D) A powerful, built-in vacum simultaneously extracts dirt-laden foam in the same cleaning pass, recovering over 85% of the moisture. Carpets dry extremely fast, there is no danger of mildew or over wetting.  
  • E) Carpet is noticeably cleaner and brighter immediately. Carpets stay clean longer due to the anti-resoil properties of the detergents, which are safe and hypoallergenic.