Residential Services
Residential Cleaning Services 
Low Moisture Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
The safest, most effective way to deep clean your carpet!
The chair came out GREAT!!!!  
And it smells wonderful too!!!  
Thank you soooo much! - Monica G., Sparta, NJ 
"I haven't had time to look at it too closely, but it drives better." - Eugene L., Sussex, NJ 
(LOL, Eugene, that's probably because you can see through the windows now :) 
Wall to Wall Carpet
Area and Throw Rugs
Finished Leather
Sofas, Loveseats, Armchairs
Pet Odor Treatments
Mattress Cleaning
Fabric Cushions, Seat Covers
Carpet/Fabric Protectors
Spot Removal
Autos, RV's, Boats
Anti-Bacterial/Pest Treatments
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Your home is your place of refuge, and you have every right to expect that your privacy and possessions will be treated accordingly. As the owner of On Time Cleaning, I take full responsibility for your ultimate satisfaction.  You may rest assured that our staff, helpers or associates are fully trained, and will honor your personal property as if it were their own.  
There are no hidden fees. On Time Cleaning is a full service professional cleaning company. We are not cheap, nor do we gouge. We charge fees appropriate to the level of personalized and professional services rendered. 
For each and every assignment, you are entitled to a FREE ESTIMATE. Please understand that while we are happy to quote estimated prices via telephone, it is very possible the price may change once we arrive on site. Telephone estimates, therefore are not binding. This is because telephone estimates are based upon your interpretation of the condition of your carpets and upholstery, and our opinion may differ upon actual observation. If you wish, we will gladly schedule an appointment (again at no charge) to evaluate your cleaning needs and will then issue a binding estimate, in writing. 
We value your time, and we ask that you also value our time.  If we are ever  detained and running late, we will call you and offer the option for you to reschedule. We ask that you also do the same, making sure someone is at home and has knowledge of your specific cleaning needs. 
What to expect during our visit: 
1) A walk through and thorough pre-inspection of your carpet and upholstery. This includes visual inspection, a test for color fastness (when appropriate), and an analysis of fiber/material composition when appropriate. We will point out any problem areas, discuss your expectations, and ask that you also disclose any awareness of spills or stains which may no longer be visible. If we feel we cannot meet your expectations, we will not proceed with the cleaning but we will not charge you either. 
2) Pre-vacuuming. We encourage each customer to dust and pre-vacuum prior to our visit. Please don't be offended that we also pre-vacuum upon arrival.  You cannot over vacuum your carpets. 
3) Pre-treatment. We apply an appropriate pre-treatment to existing spots and stains, high traffic areas, and other areas of concern.  
4) We move furniture as needed to achieve effective cleaning. We will typically move couchs and chairs, tables, and other small furniture a sufficient distance to clean around/underneath them. We will replace them to their proper area after cleaning, installing carpet protector pads (when necessary) to prevent moisture bleed. 
   We are not able to move 'heavy' pieces such as fully laden China cabinets, sectional sofas, beds, book cases, and the like. (nor is this recommended - moving heavy objects, even on carpet which is merely 'damp', offers a risk of stretching or otherwise damaging the carpet). We are also unable to move electronics (televisions, vcrs, etc) or fragile items (lamps, etc). We suggest that if you have electronics or fragile items that these be removed prior to our visit, and not replaced until the carpet is fully dry (typically a few hours). 
5) We will provide a thorough and deep cleaning of your carpets, area rugs, upholstery, or mattresses, using the appropriate techniques and cleansers which are safe for both your family and the environment. 
6) Following the cleaning we will further treat any existing "spots" which linger, and make another, final, cleaning pass over these areas. Please understand that effective spot removal is best accomplished at the time of the spill. While we can totally remove many spots by carpet 'cleaning', there are spots which may not come out during routine cleaning. We can offer more thorough spot removal treatment for specific concerns, priced according to the time needed to treat these spots. Typically this may involve fees of $10 and up per singular spot treatment. There is also a difference between a 'spot' and a 'stain'. A 'stain' has physically or chemically altered the carpet dye sites and cannot be removed by mere cleaning. 
7) We will apply any post treatments you desire. Besides specific spot removal treatments (beyond the normal spot/cleaning process), Post treatments are the only "ADD-ON's" which include additional charges, and are totally optional. Your choices include fabric protector (similar to scotchguard), deodorizing, etc.  
8) We will do a final walk through with you to ensure that all items have been addressed to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our cleaning, we will offer to reclean the affected area, again at NO CHARGE.