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Low Moisture Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
The safest, most effective way to deep clean your carpet!
"The carpets look great, especially the stairs. That's the first thing Danny said when I came home. Even a 10 year old can tell" -  Lena F., Stroudsburg, PA
Hello, and welcome to On Time Cleaning, professional cleaning specialists in residential cleaning servies and low moisture carpet and upholstery cleaning. Through this web site we would like to share information regarding our methods and also the reason we chose a low moisture method when so many companies use high flow systems. 
When we began our initial research into the various cleaning methods, it became apparent that not all methods were equal. Some methods did a good job of cleaning but left the carpets and upholstery too wet. Other methods offered low moisture and fast dry times but did not provide soil extraction. It was important to us that we identify the best and most comprehensive all-around cleaning technology on the market. It was also important to that the cleaning method offer total safety for the large investment that my customers have made in their carpets and furniture, and that the method be environmentally friendly. All of our research left me with one conclusion. The Von Schrader low moisture cleaning system is the system which provides both superior cleaning and safety.  Safety for your investment and safety for all members of your family (including your pets).   
Please take an opportunity to review our portolio of services, and to learn why low moisture cleaning is the absolutely best cleaning method for your carpets and upholstery.  On Time Cleaning is an Authorized DEALER of Von Schrader equipment and supplies. We are pleased to provide price quotes, demos and consultations for business owners who would like to purchase equipment for in house facilities use - hotels, funeral parlors, bowling alleys, theatres, nightclubs, car dealers are just a few of the businesses who may benefit from owning equipment. 
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail  CustomerSupport@ontimecleaning.com, or  call for a free consultation via telephone (859) 351-9910